February Concludes…

A little late on my monthly wrap up! February ended and I was flung straight into more work and social stuff! I haven’t had a chance to sit down, but here we go!

Loopmottin Nickel Nackel Fnipper. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.

Gahera. Fantasy prose character design commission.

Festival of the Photocopier! It was a delight this year!


Opossum! Animal illustration commission.

Sofi Nemo. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.

Eri’s All Love! Dungeons and Dragons character commission.

Conquest 2020 poster and promotional graphic.

Ciaran Nouveau #1 Guild Wars 2 commission

Pleo. Dungeons and Dragons character. Patreon draw prize.

I want to get more original work done this month! Ahhh!


Your Helen ❤



Festival of the Photocopier 2019

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I have a table at the Festival of the Photocopier this year! I’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday, debuting two new zines: Suburban Menagerie and New Year. New Moon. Pig. Find my spot in section B! 12 PM to 5 Pm both the 9th and the 10th!

Check out the Sticky stall for my new perzine, Typewriterror! All proceeds from the purchase of Typewriterror will go towards the upkeep of the typewriters at Sticky Institute!


January Concludes…

Hoo boy! January, following the trend of busy months, I was run flat out! I was spending each week helping the Arcanacon committee, furiously drawing and creating little bits to help the convention come together!

I also had the wonderful to work with people’s characters with commissions, which is a blessing! Gosh, character work warms my soul like you wouldn’t believe! I also had two separate instances of setting up shop at events! I was honored to participate in both the Midsumma Queer ZineFEST, and Arcanacon!

A huge thanks to my patrons and clients for the support, y’all helped see me through a big start of the year!

Most of these pieces are up on my Patreon, which you can follow to stay up to date with my latest pieces and a bunch of bonus content for pledges.

arcanacon poster web res

Arcanacon 2019 poster and promotional graphic.


Jesse’s Pen. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.


Ashakuarius. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.


Sistine. Elder Scrolls Online character commission and Patreon draw prize!


Amari. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.


Amari token. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.


Lilian. Fantasy prose character design commission.


Nikkeah. Fantasy prose character design commission.


My space at the Midsumma queer zineFEST!


Design work from Arcanacon and the on the spot illustrations I completed at the convention!


And a final sign off from my little self pottering away at my convention table! Thank you to everyone who popped by! And thank y’all for sharing this journey with me!

Arcanacon 2019

Arcanacon is this month!!! I’m busy preparing graphics and my tabling stock! The organizers have been wonderfully supportive of my work in both hiring me and encouraging me, so I’ve put this poster together in thanks!

arcanacon poster web res

The convention will be held on the 26th and the 27th of January, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center!

Tickets are now available! I will be selling my wares at the convention, and speaking in panels about playing and creating art for rpgs! Do check out the website! I hope to see you there! 😀

December Concludes…

I knew December would be a busy month, they are for so many of us in so many careers! Here in my little freelance world, it was of course filled with secret gift commissions, actual gifts from myself to my loved ones, and design jobs in preparation for Arcanacon!

A sincere thank you to all of my wonderful patrons and everyone who commissioned me this month!

Here’s a gallery of work I completed in December! All pieces here are posted on my Patreon on completion, follow if you would like updates of my work during the month!

Girls Best FriendWEB

Beloved. Personal piece. Available for purchase as prints or shirts on Teepublic and Society6.

Odette and Coorbin. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.


Kilseeth. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.


Aris. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.


Ryba. Dungeons and Dragons character. Patreon draw prize.

Dreadflower Lily WEB RES

Dreadflower. Guild Wars 2 secret santa gift for a guildmate.

Your Hair. Guild Wars 2 comic gift for a guild leader.


Lyth. Guild Wars 2 gift for a loved one.


Sarethi. Elder Scrolls Online character art trade.

Gizzy RogueWEBRES

Gizzy the Rogue. Dungeons and Dragons/pet portrait commission.

Rideala and the Books_WEB_RES

Ridalea and the Books. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.

Inktober 2018 Collection

My Inktober collection for 2018 features gothic imagery inspired by medical illustrations, horror movies, and a whole mess of nudes!


Hey all my lovely loves! I finally put my gosh darn Inktober pieces together! They’re up on my Gumroad for download! I will be compiling a zine of them all for sale at Sticky Institute! All of my second tier patrons have the collection unlocked already!

A Menagerie in Sticky

My work is featured in the Sticky Institute window for the month of November! Come on down to 10 Campbell Arcade, Degraves Subway in Melbourne to get a good look at the pieces in person!


I wanted to explore my work in the context of tattoo flash. It’s something I am so very inspired and influenced by, that I decided to dive in and create some flash of my own! The pieces depict various wildlife I’ve seen throughout the Melbourne suburbs. These little critters are just one aspect of this city that I am in love with!


Thanks to Luke, Beck, Sam, the coordinators of Sticky Institute for lending me the window for November! Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers in Sticky Institute!

I acknowledge that Sticky is on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, and that Indigenous sovereignty has never been ceded.

It’s a great space! Come on down!

$5 tier Monthly Raffle !!!

raffle announcement
HI LOVES! This is kicking off! To honor all the support you give me, I’ll be doing a monthly commission raffle for all my $5 and up patrons! Everyone who has joined the Tier of Bells will be entered into a draw to win one of my character design portraits! This covers one coloured rendered sketch  piece and can be of a character, fanart, pinup, yourself, an animal or someone you know!

Pledge a minimum $5 per month to go into the running! Depending on the number of new pledges, I may be drawing more than one name! But for July, I’ve drawn from my current patrons!

I’ll be selecting a random member under the Tier of Bells at the beginning of every month using an RNG. This will go down once all the pledges for the previous month have processed and cleared, to assure your entry!

I’ll be messaging you via Patreon (Unless I have your email or know for sure your social media!) so please keep your eye on Patreon! Anyone who wins but fails to respond to the message within a week will loose their slot, and I will redraw!

Pledge! And you might win a art!

Love y’all!!!

~Helen ~ 3~

Commissions open!

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