Zine Trade Party

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Guys! Welcome to November! This month I had the pleasure of designing and illustrating the poster for Sticky Institute’s upcoming Zine Trade Party! These parties are fun little gatherings of enthusiastic creators, a chance for all of us to share our passions, interests and munch some yummy snacks!

The theme for the November event is Animals!!! I’ll be bringing some no longer in print zines of mine! I have much animal content. Much much. Gosh I love animals! Let’s trade!

Come down to Sticky Institute on November 30, from 1 to 3 pm!

Festival of the Photocopier 2019

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I have a table at the Festival of the Photocopier this year! I’ll be there both Saturday and Sunday, debuting two new zines: Suburban Menagerie and New Year. New Moon. Pig. Find my spot in section B! 12 PM to 5 Pm both the 9th and the 10th!

Check out the Sticky stall for my new perzine, Typewriterror! All proceeds from the purchase of Typewriterror will go towards the upkeep of the typewriters at Sticky Institute!