Commission Sale

I’m currently reworking my commission pricing and have got 3 slots open for 50USD! Here are examples of the styles on offer in this sale!

So! Prices for all my pieces are going to be changing within the next week or so, so anyone looking for a commission should lock in a spot now for my current prices, for they will be changing!

Some prices will raise! But there will also be more cheaper options! Because It is important to me to keep character art accessible!

Contact me here for commission inquiries! 

I’m reworking and rewording the styles and prices I’m offering for commission! I’m aiming to keep the range vast, with cheaper, more affordable styles and more experimental stuff more accessible, with simplified terms and clarity of the various processes I use for each piece. I’m working to moderate that whilst also taking into account the time/labor spent on my end! And properly charging for my more detail oriented pieces.

I have had a recent bout of poor self esteem, which has rather impacted my pricing and therefore my financial security is waning. So this rework is sorely needed to keep myself paying myself properly as a freelance artist. So It’s time for a personal shakeup, and a time for me to begin taking myself seriously again as an artist.

Valentines day portrait sale!

I’ve got five slots open for couples portraits! I’ll be taking $10 off of the quote. Inquire now to secure a piece by Valentine’s day!! The sale will end February 5th! Send your interest to! Enjoy the season of love!

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