Pumpkin Heart

The Halloween zine! At Sticky Institute, we’re hosting a Halloween zine making event called Hallowzine! I have uploaded a digital version to gumroad for all my international friendies! Do some pumpkin cooking for halloween! Do it! Get festive! Get some of the orange vegetable in you!!!

Follow this link to buy and download the zine!


Juimon on Gumroad!

I have a selection of zines on Gumroad! I’ve got various pieces available at various prices, both SFW and NSFW!



Digital version of my latest zine! A narrative I developed alongside these ten illustrations. This series of illustrations was inspired by Grimm fairy tales. This series was the first fully realized collection completed during my fascination with Celtic and medieval art.

I’ve written a story to narrate these pieces. So whether you’re a fan of dark fairy tales or my illustrations. This digital version is worth a download!





Just an itty bitty series of illustrations ode to those teeny tiny hairs that sprout from your hairline, that refuse to stay put when you tie your hair back, that frizz out of your braid.

Preview cover


A one shot, high fantasy frolic!

A druid “erects” 😉 a tree ent! The pair get intimate in an effort to bring some life back to the forest!

Download and unzip the comic for a sexy little romp!

Development is available on my patreon!



Unzip (or untie) this file to be privy to sixteen illustrations by yours truly.

An adult zine featuring illustrations of intimate acts. Every piece featuring bondage.

I created this series in an exploration of relationships and my own fascination with bondage.

Bondage holds such meaning in my heart as the ultimate act of trust.



Seasons of the Witch

Repeating patterns inspired by the solstice! A pattern for the summer solstice: Litha, and for the winter solstice: Yule!

These patterns are free for your personal use! They make good desktop and blog backgrounds!