February finished!

Hello sweet darlings. ❤ ❤ ❤ I am back from rural adventures with my little zine collective. It was chocker-block out there, but wonderful as always! I searched for decent meals and met so many lovelies and made friends!!! It was so nice to get out for a while, and I return invigorated to do more art! In my current portrait commission I am exploring more methods and styles. I think it’s good to always strive to improve, learn, change. That’s always brought me such joy in art! Thank you to all of you who allow me to explore within my commission pieces, I really cherish the community around me.

And! Onto my February works!

Balvarax_WEB_RES (1)

Balvarax – Character Token


Andrei – Tonal refined character design


Gemma – Painting sketch


Taran – Tonal refined coloured

Sariel and Valeria_WEB_RES

Sariel and Valeria – Painted bust

Of course, to read more about the pieces,inquire here for a commission of your own, and!!

Have a good day!

June concludes…

My commission waiting list is freshly emptied! I am now looking for more commission work, private and commercial! I am also reworking and rewording my commission FAQ to make it a little easier to follow, so if you have any questions you’d like me to address, be sure to send them my way!

Here’s June’s completed pieces!!!


Leith – Guild Wars 2 character commission! NIGHTMARE COURT YEAH!


Entropy Crests – Web graphic illustration! Featuring snakes!


Cacionai – Guild Wars 2 character painting! Some of my favourite boys!


Ryaen – Patreon draw prize commission !!! Congrats Ryan!


Maeva – Dungeons and Dragons character design/token.

David and Goliath COVER_WR

David Kills Goliath – TTRPG cover design

Animal & Humanoid Goliath designs for David Kills Goliath


Doodle page ~ Viv & Vi – a new commission style I’m now offering!

Menfin and Ral_WEB_RES

Menfin and Ral – Elder Scrolls Online character commission
Thanks everyone, my patrons and community, my friends and family and just, everyone who supports me! I’ve been having a bout of depression, so I’m building back uup my confidence.

Commission Sale

I’m currently reworking my commission pricing and have got 3 slots open for 50USD! Here are examples of the styles on offer in this sale!

So! Prices for all my pieces are going to be changing within the next week or so, so anyone looking for a commission should lock in a spot now for my current prices, for they will be changing!

Some prices will raise! But there will also be more cheaper options! Because It is important to me to keep character art accessible!

Contact me here for commission inquiries! 

I’m reworking and rewording the styles and prices I’m offering for commission! I’m aiming to keep the range vast, with cheaper, more affordable styles and more experimental stuff more accessible, with simplified terms and clarity of the various processes I use for each piece. I’m working to moderate that whilst also taking into account the time/labor spent on my end! And properly charging for my more detail oriented pieces.

I have had a recent bout of poor self esteem, which has rather impacted my pricing and therefore my financial security is waning. So this rework is sorely needed to keep myself paying myself properly as a freelance artist. So It’s time for a personal shakeup, and a time for me to begin taking myself seriously again as an artist.

May Concludes…

Hooboy! Let’s find balance again! I feel as if I’ve not done as much work this May, and I can’t have that! I’ve had an awful dip in self esteem and have been doubting every piece I complete! Which is the enemy of us freelancers! It’s damaging to start undervaluing your work, and I’m feeling the side effects of that very thing! I hope to work on that with June now here. I’m hopeful I can find balance again!

On with the show! Here’s the pieces I completed in May! You can see these illustrations (and a bunch of behind the scenes content) as their completed on my Patreon!

Lumina and Zaith_WEB_RES

Lumina and Zaith – Dungeons and Dragons Commission


Edward – Patreon draw prize commission


Sigvald – Guild Wars 2 character commission


Rhudgok the Deranged –  Patreon draw prize commission


Miran – Fantasy fiction character design commission

Carew Mesmer_WEB_RES

Voyage on Sorrow part 2 – A personal piece of Guild Wars 2 fanart

Love and energy for June,


April Concludes…

Oh my gosh with the computer savings and convention all that I’ve had a hectic April! I’ve been getting thoughts together for WHIM, a little comic I’m writing and drawing about a bunch of awkward twenty-something witches! You can follow the development on my Patreon if you’re interested! I’ll start this blog post off with 16 of the 17 traditional commissions I painted at Conquest!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Llyre and Iorros_WEB_RES

Llyre and Iorros – Guild Wars 2 character commission


Adela – Dungeons and Dragons character commission


Joanna – Dungeons and Dragons character commission


Raleren – Elder Scrolls Online character commission


Rythe – Elder Scrolls Online character commission


Lumina – Dungeons and Dragons character commission

March Concludes…

Oh my gosh! March was a big month! I sat fares in Wagga Wagga and in the NGV! It was a fun, tiring month, which to me means a good month! My existing PC died and with all the support of my sweet fans and patrons, I managed to raise the funds for a new pc! I am so thankful to everyone who came to me for a sale commission and for filling the slots so damn fast!

Anyway, let’s see what we’ve got here!

Happy Birthday ErinnWEB.png

Chaos Held Guild Wars 2 character birthday present


Attended the Halfway Print Fest in Wagga Wagga!


Vakama – Elder Scrolls Online painting commission

Scatah paint_WEB_RES.png

Viper’s Knight – Guild Wars 2 birthday present


My stall at the NGV zine section and the NGV art book fair

Kitty Pryde_WEB_RES.png

Kitty and Lockheed – Xmen fanart commission


Norman – Dungeons and Dragons Patreon draw prize


Thaementhal – Elder Scrolls Online painting commission


Lisin – World of Warcraft character commission


Menfin – Elder Scrolls Online character commission

Hadrians concept_WEB_RES.png

The Hadrians – fantasy character concept

Thanks all for a wonderful March!! See you in April!

January Concludes…

Hoo boy! January, following the trend of busy months, I was run flat out! I was spending each week helping the Arcanacon committee, furiously drawing and creating little bits to help the convention come together!

I also had the wonderful to work with people’s characters with commissions, which is a blessing! Gosh, character work warms my soul like you wouldn’t believe! I also had two separate instances of setting up shop at events! I was honored to participate in both the Midsumma Queer ZineFEST, and Arcanacon!

A huge thanks to my patrons and clients for the support, y’all helped see me through a big start of the year!

Most of these pieces are up on my Patreon, which you can follow to stay up to date with my latest pieces and a bunch of bonus content for pledges.

arcanacon poster web res

Arcanacon 2019 poster and promotional graphic.


Jesse’s Pen. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.


Ashakuarius. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.


Sistine. Elder Scrolls Online character commission and Patreon draw prize!


Amari. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.


Amari token. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.


Lilian. Fantasy prose character design commission.


Nikkeah. Fantasy prose character design commission.


My space at the Midsumma queer zineFEST!


Design work from Arcanacon and the on the spot illustrations I completed at the convention!


And a final sign off from my little self pottering away at my convention table! Thank you to everyone who popped by! And thank y’all for sharing this journey with me!

Arcanacon 2019

Arcanacon is this month!!! I’m busy preparing graphics and my tabling stock! The organizers have been wonderfully supportive of my work in both hiring me and encouraging me, so I’ve put this poster together in thanks!

arcanacon poster web res

The convention will be held on the 26th and the 27th of January, at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Center!

Tickets are now available! I will be selling my wares at the convention, and speaking in panels about playing and creating art for rpgs! Do check out the website! I hope to see you there! 😀

December Concludes…

I knew December would be a busy month, they are for so many of us in so many careers! Here in my little freelance world, it was of course filled with secret gift commissions, actual gifts from myself to my loved ones, and design jobs in preparation for Arcanacon!

A sincere thank you to all of my wonderful patrons and everyone who commissioned me this month!

Here’s a gallery of work I completed in December! All pieces here are posted on my Patreon on completion, follow if you would like updates of my work during the month!

Girls Best FriendWEB

Beloved. Personal piece. Available for purchase as prints or shirts on Teepublic and Society6.

Odette and Coorbin. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.


Kilseeth. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.


Aris. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.


Ryba. Dungeons and Dragons character. Patreon draw prize.

Dreadflower Lily WEB RES

Dreadflower. Guild Wars 2 secret santa gift for a guildmate.

Your Hair. Guild Wars 2 comic gift for a guild leader.


Lyth. Guild Wars 2 gift for a loved one.


Sarethi. Elder Scrolls Online character art trade.

Gizzy RogueWEBRES

Gizzy the Rogue. Dungeons and Dragons/pet portrait commission.

Rideala and the Books_WEB_RES

Ridalea and the Books. Elder Scrolls Online character commission.

Inktober 2018 Collection

My Inktober collection for 2018 features gothic imagery inspired by medical illustrations, horror movies, and a whole mess of nudes!


Hey all my lovely loves! I finally put my gosh darn Inktober pieces together! They’re up on my Gumroad for download! I will be compiling a zine of them all for sale at Sticky Institute! All of my second tier patrons have the collection unlocked already!