November Concludes…

Whoops! I had such a bustling late year influx of work and social changes! I really lost track of these monthly updates! But look at this! It’s the first of December and I have a moment!! YEEE let’s show off Novembers work! I am feeling so good about my work lately! Which is just wonderful, having confidence in my work is refreshing and empowering! Onto more art and more stories!

I’m also uploading a comic to my Patreon, which is what I’ve been working on when work is light. It’s modest right now, but I’m excited to delve into the characters and the world I’m creating! It’s up for my $5+ patrons as I’ve become too busy to offer my commission raffle.

On to November’s gallery of completed works!! Kaleb_WEB_RESKaleb – Dungeons and Dragons character commissionNyxie_WEB_RES

Nyxie tattoo design – Tattoo design commission

Macy_WEB_RESPortrait of Macy Gray – Pet portrait commission

Jamie and Baxter_WEB_RESJamie and Baxter – Pet portrait commission featuring their human ❤

Elysse_WEB_RESElysse – Writers character concept commission

Enna_WEB_RESEnna – Dungeons and Dragons pinup commission

Lelianna and Sybaris_WEB_RESLelianna & Sybaris – Elder Scrolls Online character commission

As always, you can read more about these pieces by clicking on their titles! Commissions are open for December! 

February Concludes…

A little late on my monthly wrap up! February ended and I was flung straight into more work and social stuff! I haven’t had a chance to sit down, but here we go!

Loopmottin Nickel Nackel Fnipper. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.

Gahera. Fantasy prose character design commission.

Festival of the Photocopier! It was a delight this year!


Opossum! Animal illustration commission.

Sofi Nemo. Dungeons and Dragons character commission.

Eri’s All Love! Dungeons and Dragons character commission.

Conquest 2020 poster and promotional graphic.

Ciaran Nouveau #1 Guild Wars 2 commission

Pleo. Dungeons and Dragons character. Patreon draw prize.

I want to get more original work done this month! Ahhh!


Your Helen ❤



A sailor washed off her ship finds herself swept up into the arms of a playful mermaid for an intimate rendezvous and rescue.


This is the latest erotic vignette by Helen Graham. Or download each work on my Gumroad. Download the full comic here, and receive access to my entire erotic back catalog for $10 per month by becoming a patron!

Thank you for your support so far! This took a little extra time, so I thank you for your patience! I wanted to release it during Mermay because it was very much Perfect, but you know what? It’s pride month, so it’s very fitting of the queer celebrations! I’ll be printing it and stocking it at Sticky Institute, as well as taking it to any creators markets in and out of Melbourne, so keep an eye out on my website and Twitter to see where I’ll be!

Juimon Illustration at Conquest 2018

Helen will be selling various TTRPG inspired prints, zines, and stickers at this years Conquest!


Come on down to the Advanced Technologies Centre (ATC), Swinburne University,
425 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122.

Helen will be taking inked commissions from 9AM (12PM on Friday) during the four days of the event. See the opening details here! Same day pickup, postage, and other details will be arranged at booking!

If you would like to preorder a traditional piece for pick up at the convention, I’ll be open for bookings until Wednesday, the 28th of March! Contact me here to order a piece!

Prices for my on the day pickup:

  • Postcard size illustrations: $25
  • A5 illustrations: $35

Helen will also be taking traditional character commissions on the day, and will be taking painted and digital commission orders over the four days of the convention!

Buy my zines at Sticky Institute!

Head on down to Sticky Institute to buy any of the zines I’ve put together for the Festival of the Photocopier! There are only a limited number available for physical purchase, so if you missed out on the zine fair, you’ve still got a chance to snag a zine!

Find Sticky Institute in the Degraves Subway in the Melbourne CBD!

You can also find digital downloads of the illustrations featured in these zines on my Gumroad!


I love birds. I know it’s a huge list at this point but they are one of my many favourite things to draw. My dad’s birthday was in January, and as he has a little flock of magpies he tends to, I wanted to give him an illustration!

My family has always taken care of the local magpies, so I’ve spent a lot of time enjoying their company. One of the things I love about visiting my parents is hearing the magpies warbling for breakfast each morning.

While all my valentines day slots are filled, you’re welcome to inquire to join my commission waiting list!

magpies web res

Now taking traditional postcard commissions!


I’ll be illustrating personalized postcard-scale pieces for pick up at The Festival of the Photocopier on February 11th! I’ll also be taking on-the-day commissions! $20 per bespoke illustration! This is a great chance to have your own physical copy of my work without paying postage!

Email me with your inquiries, I respond ASAP!

Juimon on Gumroad!

I have a selection of zines on Gumroad! I’ve got various pieces available at various prices, both SFW and NSFW!



Digital version of my latest zine! A narrative I developed alongside these ten illustrations. This series of illustrations was inspired by Grimm fairy tales. This series was the first fully realized collection completed during my fascination with Celtic and medieval art.

I’ve written a story to narrate these pieces. So whether you’re a fan of dark fairy tales or my illustrations. This digital version is worth a download!





Just an itty bitty series of illustrations ode to those teeny tiny hairs that sprout from your hairline, that refuse to stay put when you tie your hair back, that frizz out of your braid.

Preview cover


A one shot, high fantasy frolic!

A druid “erects” 😉 a tree ent! The pair get intimate in an effort to bring some life back to the forest!

Download and unzip the comic for a sexy little romp!

Development is available on my patreon!



Unzip (or untie) this file to be privy to sixteen illustrations by yours truly.

An adult zine featuring illustrations of intimate acts. Every piece featuring bondage.

I created this series in an exploration of relationships and my own fascination with bondage.

Bondage holds such meaning in my heart as the ultimate act of trust.



Seasons of the Witch

Repeating patterns inspired by the solstice! A pattern for the summer solstice: Litha, and for the winter solstice: Yule!

These patterns are free for your personal use! They make good desktop and blog backgrounds!