June concludes…

My commission waiting list is freshly emptied! I am now looking for more commission work, private and commercial! I am also reworking and rewording my commission FAQ to make it a little easier to follow, so if you have any questions you’d like me to address, be sure to send them my way!

Here’s June’s completed pieces!!!


Leith – Guild Wars 2 character commission! NIGHTMARE COURT YEAH!


Entropy Crests – Web graphic illustration! Featuring snakes!


Cacionai – Guild Wars 2 character painting! Some of my favourite boys!


Ryaen – Patreon draw prize commission !!! Congrats Ryan!


Maeva – Dungeons and Dragons character design/token.

David and Goliath COVER_WR

David Kills Goliath – TTRPG cover design

Animal & Humanoid Goliath designs for David Kills Goliath


Doodle page ~ Viv & Vi – a new commission style I’m now offering!

Menfin and Ral_WEB_RES

Menfin and Ral – Elder Scrolls Online character commission
Thanks everyone, my patrons and community, my friends and family and just, everyone who supports me! I’ve been having a bout of depression, so I’m building back uup my confidence.

March Concludes…

Oh my gosh! March was a big month! I sat fares in Wagga Wagga and in the NGV! It was a fun, tiring month, which to me means a good month! My existing PC died and with all the support of my sweet fans and patrons, I managed to raise the funds for a new pc! I am so thankful to everyone who came to me for a sale commission and for filling the slots so damn fast!

Anyway, let’s see what we’ve got here!

Happy Birthday ErinnWEB.png

Chaos Held Guild Wars 2 character birthday present


Attended the Halfway Print Fest in Wagga Wagga!


Vakama – Elder Scrolls Online painting commission

Scatah paint_WEB_RES.png

Viper’s Knight – Guild Wars 2 birthday present


My stall at the NGV zine section and the NGV art book fair

Kitty Pryde_WEB_RES.png

Kitty and Lockheed – Xmen fanart commission


Norman – Dungeons and Dragons Patreon draw prize


Thaementhal – Elder Scrolls Online painting commission


Lisin – World of Warcraft character commission


Menfin – Elder Scrolls Online character commission

Hadrians concept_WEB_RES.png

The Hadrians – fantasy character concept

Thanks all for a wonderful March!! See you in April!